Explore the exciting labyrinth of experiences that Delhi is.

Namaste, Dilli!

At Delhi Dallying, we converse and engage with the city through writing, talking, walking and design interventions.

Delhi Dallying started as a forum for conversation and commentary on Delhi in 2011. Over the years, we’ve continued to organize walks and other events which explore the complexity of everyday life in the city.

As practicing architects and graphic designers, our work is informed by our academic learning about the city. Our content is built on the anchors of heritage and history with overlays of contemporary culture, the stories of people and their lives. We focus on experiences rather than things, on the interaction and co-evolution of our built and social environments.

Mostly, we like telling stories about that grey bit of magic that emerges when people, places and their histories come together. For this reason, design and architecture enthusiasts and practitioners have been particularly interested in the work that we do.

Delhi Dallying is Bhavika, Rohan and Varun. They graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 2013.