Can we frenz?

10.59pm. Unknown number calls. Random Woman (RW), husky voice. Hello, Mohit?

Our hero, RP replies. Ummm, sorry, wrong number. (cocks eyebrow)

11.06pm. New message. Hi educated lgte ho….cn we frndz

(ANDC is screwed.)

11.07pm. VB snatches the phone, replies. yeah, sure babez

(Rolling on the floor.)

11.10pm. RW. Wts u name?

11.11pm. RW. Wts u name?

(More interesting submission at hand.)

11.12pm. RW. Wt hpnd?rply to kro

11.14pm. RP. Shila, shila ki jawani. . . I’m too sexy for you . . Main tere haath na aani . .

(Group high fives.)

11.16pm. RP. Wt hpnd?rply to kro

(Double high fives.)

11.17pm. RW. U funy plz tel me kya naam ha apka agr nai btana as ur wsh

11.20pm. RW. Agr aap shila ho to hm bi tees mar khan se km nahi

(Hilarity ensues.)

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