The city of Delhi sometimes reminds me of an onion, imperfectly taken apart – many layered, veined and maimed. The layers are not coherent or even tightly packed – scattered stray wisps forlornly curl at the edges in some corner, many centuries lie bunched together in another. Yet within them lie hidden vapours of many pasts, rising unbidden to sting you into an awareness of a different time.

Quoted from Anisha Shekhar Mukherji’s amazingly thought provoking post on the essence of our first Delhi Dallying seminar: Delhi and its image issues (if we can call it that).

Considering that a significant part of Delhi (like that of India) is too busy surviving, does the city even have these issues? Or is it only us, thinking too much? Of course, I’m not denying the situation, which is very much real, but I’m wondering whether we can call it an issue if so many of those concerned are not even aware of it.


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