Live Memory


Stories of people, of movement and of things

At the UnBOX Festival, 2014.

As visitors and inhabitants of a city, we see and associate with our milieu in various ways. A popular trope in history telling is the metaphor of a mountain, which takes on different shapes from different angles of vision. With the mountain, of course, this does not mean that it either has no shape, or that it has an infinity of shapes. A city though, is more organic and as a subject and object of our varied gaze, it responds and reacts to being seen or unseen. Indeed, these gazes make the city. This workshop is for inhabitants, visitors, and lovers of cities. This workshop is an excursion into these diverse imaginings of city spaces. It aims at collecting stories from people in the city and assembling them as collages of memory. These are stories of movement; of people and of things, in the spaces they occupy and create.

This was a super fun workshop where we led a group of people to our favourite food in the old city and tried to map how it came to be.

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