Walk 1 / The life and times of Old Delhi

The 400 year old city of Shahjahanabad is made up of a sea of stories. While the stories of the most famous monuments and food haunts are told ever so often, what has simultaneously evolved beautifully, all around these places, is the everyday life in the Old City. Join us as we take you to its non-touristy bylanes to get a glimpse into the mohallas of Old Delhi and the stories that live there.

What to expect: We start from a public street and make our way through gallis with unique names, while peeking into mohallas and getting a sense of the evolution they have undergone. The mood of the narrative shifts as we move from the Hindu dominated areas to the culturally distinct area of Ballimaran and finally make or way to the bustling commercial center of the old city and get snapped back into the present.

Ideal for: Anyone who’s curious and wants to look beyond the apparent!

Duration: 2 hours

Contact: hello@delhidallying.com



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