Walk 3 / The many layers of Shahpur Jat

Popularized as the ‘other village’ in town, the story of Shahpur Jat is actually much more than what meets the eye. Join us as we understand the role of this village in the city, explore the hidden heritage that is buried deep into its heart, and the tale of its transformation into a bustling den for the independent professional in Delhi.

What to expect: We start from the Western edge of the village and steadily make our way to its heart, hunting for some amazing street art on the way while experiencing its surprisingly multicultural yet conservative nature. Finally, we weave our way out of the settlement to its peripheries where a string of quirky boutiques and interesting restaurants are popping up and transforming the village into a hub for independent and alternative thought and action.

Ideal for: Everyone really, especially art enthusiasts. Oh, and children, as well!

Duration: 2 hours

Contact: hello@delhidallying.com


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